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Shat the Movies: 80's & 90's Best Film Review

What are the The Best 1980s & 1990s Movies? Do you find yourself asking if the movies we loved while growing up were really that good? Have you caught yourself thinking, “why don’t make movies like they use to?” Can you still remember spending your Friday Nights searching for the perfect movie rental at Blockbuster Video? Do you know what Blockbuster Video is? If you answered yes, then this is the podcast for you!


Aug 25, 2020

Do you love adventure films? Sexy guys and gals on camelback your thing? Do you pine for the golden age of Brendan Fraser’s film career? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, listener Ryan G commissioned just the movie for you- 1999’s “The Mummy.”

In this episode, Big D walks us through how to avoid...

Aug 18, 2020

Sequels can be hit or miss but return commissioner Adam decided to take the chance on the 1989 sequel to a classic Chevy Chase film, “Fletch Lives.” A critical failure but box office success, “Fletch Lives” revives the role of the costume-wearing reporter as he goes to Louisiana to claim a surprise...

Aug 12, 2020

In 1999, the world stood on the brink of massive change: a new millennium, a new reality, the future of our dreams sitting right on our doorstep. Big D had just joined the Army. Roger readied himself for deployment to sleep away camp, and Mister C was just a boy. On the horizon, launching movies into a new era, was...

Aug 4, 2020

We all know the "Adventures in Babysitting" cover art, but do you really know what this 1987 comedy is all about?

It's Elizabeth Shue at her feel-good-movie best. It's also the major motion picture version of an afterschool special about the dangers of the city. It might even be an attempt to lampoon the fears of '80s...